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Clear adjustable angle corner guard attached to wall.

Adjustable Angle Corner Guards

Adjustable Angle Corner Guards



Designed with a flexible hinge, adjustable angle corner guards provide versatile protection for various wall corner angles. Also called universal corner guards, the clear material of this product allows the color or design of the wall to show through the corner guard.


The clear corner guards can be ordered only with self-stick tape.


Our adjustable angle corner guards come in a 1" width.


The corner guards come in 4′ (actual 44"), 4′ (actual 48"), and 8′ (actual 92"). 

We offer these slightly shorter lengths to avoid FedEx's large package charge (approximately $100 on every part that is 96"). We've written a blog post explaining it here: How We're Avoiding UPS & Fedex Large Package Surcharge.


These corner guards are smooth and shiney. All polycarbonate corner guards are smooth and shiney without any texture.