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How to Install Wall Guards

Posted by Mark Stenson on

  1. Measure the wall where you will be installing the wall guard to determine the length needed.
  2. Cut the aluminum retainer to length, keeping in mind that the end caps will extend 1.5″ beyond the aluminum on each end.
  3. Determine the desired installation location and make a mark at the top of the installed height.
  4. Using a level, laser, or chalk line, draw a level line at the marked height along the length of where the wall guard will be installed.
    Marking the line for the top of the wall guard
  5. Mark the location on the wall at each end of the length of wall guard where it will be installed.
    Marking the walls where the ends of the wall guard will be installed
  6. Using a stud finder, search along the length of the installation area to locate any studs. Measure the location of any studs from one end of the installation section.
    Marking the wall where the studs are
  7. Transfer the measurements of the location of the studs to the aluminum.
    Transferring measurements to the aluminum retainer of the wall guard
  8. Once all stud locations are marked determine if you will need additional drywall fasteners for non-stud locations. A good rule of thumb is to have a maximum distance of 16″ between fasteners. Make sure that the fasteners at either end are located at a minimum of 3″ from the end of the aluminum. Once you’ve determined if you need additional non-stud fasteners, mark the locations on the aluminum.
  9. Pre-drill 3/16″ holes in the aluminum retainer at the marked locations, alternating between the top and bottom of the retainer.
    Pre-drilling holes in aluminum retainer corner guard
  10. Hold the aluminum up to the wall at the exact installation location and mark the locations of all holes with a pencil.
  11. Remove the aluminum from the wall and pre-drill holes into the drywall for your fasteners. For any stud locations, use a ⅛″ drill bit. For all non-stud locations, consult the instructions for your preferred drywall anchor to determine the size hole needed. Install any drywall anchors into the pre-drilled holes if necessary.
  12. Hold the aluminum up to the wall at the correct location and install all fasteners.
    Installing fasteners to aluminum retainer
  13. Temporarily insert the end caps into each end of the aluminum, ensuring that they are pressed tight to the wall and end of the retainer.
    Pressing end caps into place
  14. Make a mark in the center of slot in the installation tab of the end cap.
    Marking end cap fastener location
  15. Remove the end caps and pre-drill ⅛″ holes, only drilling through the aluminum retainer.
    Drilling end cap fastener hole
  16. Install the end caps using self-tapping screws. Use a flat washer if needed.
  17. Measure between the end caps for your impact absorber and cut to length.
  18. Snap impact absorber onto middle channel.
    Snapping on impact absorber to aluminum retainer
  19. Measure between end caps for the vinyl cover.
    Measuring between end caps
  20. Cut to length, making sure that the length is equal to or slightly longer than the distance measured.
  21. Install the vinyl cover by snapping it into place. If adjustments are needed, loosen one of the end cap screws and slide it to fit before snapping the cover into place.
    Snapping on the vinyl cover of the wall guard
  22. Wipe down with clean rag.
    Wiping down wall guard with a clean rag

If you need help installing or selecting a wall guard, chat with us in the box in the bottom right of the screen.

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