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What is a Bullnose Corner?

Posted by Walter Tod on

A bullnose corner is a rounded corner on a wall in a building. The term is also used for rounded tile and stairs. Bullnose corners on walls are normally created by a rounded, bullnose corner bead. 

Normal Corner


In order to protect the corner, it should be protected by a bullnose corner guard. Using a corner guard designed to conform to a rounded corner both retains the rounded aesthetic and provides the best protection against dents and scratches.

How to Measure a Bullnose Corner

There are two different types of measurements with bullnose corner guards:

  1. The radius of the corner or the wall or corner guard
  2. The width of the corner guard

How to Measure the Radius of a Bullnose Corner

Use a framing square or two rulers and measure from the top of the bullnose curve to the inside corner that the square or rulers form. 

Measuring bullnose corner

Measure bullnose corner

Measuring bullnose corner

 Measuring bullnose corner with rulers

How to Measure a Bullnose Corner Guard

When selecting a bullnose corner guard you will need to select a width, and the width is different from the radius.

Bullnose corner radius vs width

The width is measured from the end of one wing of the corner guard to the surface of the other wing.

We sell bullnose corner guards in vinyl and polycarbonate:

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