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Home Depot vs Lowes vs Commercial Corner Guards

Posted by Mark Stenson on

We compare the corner guards from Home Depot, Lowes, and Commercial Corner Guards looking at:

  1. Packaging
  2. Clarity
  3. Thickness
  4. Strength
  5. Price

When you’re looking for corner guards, Home Depot and Lowes are among the most common options. So we wanted to compare their corner guards with ours. We looked at Packaging, Clarity, Thickness, Strength and Price.


The Lowes corner guards come with the label taped on without any box or protective film. If you purchase them with screws the screws are on the other side of the label in a bag.

Home Depot’s corner guards have the taped on label with the screws in a bag attached separate from the label. These do not come with any protective film or box either.

Corner Guards from Commercial Corner Guards always come in a box. And when you remove them all corner guards come with a protective film to guard against scratches and smudges.


When you buy a clear corner guard, you are buying it because you want to see the design of the wall through the corner guard. And thus the clarity of the corner guard is critical.

Because both Lowes and Home Depot’s corner guards are exposed in the store on the shelf without a protective film, and thus they both show significant scratches and smudges.

Our corner guards all arrive in a box with a protective film that you remove once you are ready to install them. These also make them easy to store as you don’t have to worry about the scratches and scuffs that come with storage.


The thickness of the corner guard is one of the two main factors that determine its strength. Corner guards from commercial corner guards are thicker than both Lowes and Home Depot’s.


The importance of thickness shows itself in testing a corner guard’s durability. We simulated an impact with the corner guards to demonstrate both the durability and the safety.

Both the corner guards from Home Depot and Lowes shattered upon impact while the one from commercial corner guards left only a dent.

Not only is this important for the life of the corner guard and the protection of the wall but also for the safety of the occupants. Because the corner guards from Home Depot and Lowes are made from a different kind of material, they are not as strong and when they break they shatter into sharp pieces that can easily injure.


Finally, price. We have set our pricing to be the most inexpensive on the web.

Thanks for checking out the product comparison, if you have any questions you can live chat with us or email us at


September 10, 2021

Hi there, we would recommend using a clear silicone adhesive with your clear corner guards. If you are concerned about the aesthetic or adhesion, we’d recommend using colored corner guards and construction adhesive. Our website pricing is always representative of the best current possible price, so if you would like to order the best way is online through the site.

Yvonne DeCarlo

September 10, 2021

what is the best adhesive to use with your clear corner guards. If I need to place a commercial size order do you have a contact I can give my general contractor?

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