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3 Common Mistakes When Buying Corner Guards for Hotels

Posted by Mark Stenson on

There are 3 main mistakes hotel owners and managers make when buying corner guards for hotels:

  1. Paying too much
  2. Choosing the wrong material 
  3. Choosing the wrong size and fastener

#1 - Paying too Much

Many hotel owners are not aware that there are a number of wall protection manufacturers and distributors selling wall and corner guards at dramatically different prices. Within the industry, there are a handful of manufacturers who sell their products directly to the public. Typically, these manufacturers are able to offer their products at a more competitive price than others who may distribute a larger range of products. Thus, you always want to buy corner guards from the manufacturer. For a list of the main manufacturers check out our article “Where Can I Buy Corner Guards?”.

#2 - Choosing the Wrong Material

A common misconception around wall protection is that there is very little difference between the two main materials, vinyl and polycarbonate. Understanding the differences between these two materials is vital to getting the best use out of your corner guards. Vinyl corner guards are manufactured with a textured and matte finish that is designed to help hide scuffs and scrapes. Clear polycarbonate corner guards have a very high impact resistance but due to their glossy surface tend to show damage more easily.

#3 - Utilizing Sizes and Fasteners Incorrectly

Purchasing the correct material in the wrong size or with the wrong fasteners can be costly and time-consuming. While there is a myriad of options available and there are common standards for hotels that provide ample protection at a low cost. Standard widths for high traffic areas like hallways and lobbies are typically 1 ⅛” & 1 ½”. Smaller sizes like ¾” work well for lower traffic areas like within guest rooms. Larger sizes are typically unnecessary for most hotels. Selecting the right fastening option usually depends on your specific use case. Most manufacturers offer a few different options and are available to help determine which fastener is right for you.


February 15, 2019


You can but it is not recommended we wrote an article about it here:


Stephen Webb

February 15, 2019

Can I successfully paint vinyl and polycarbonate corner guards with latex paint?

Thank you

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