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Where Can I Buy Corner Guards?

Posted by Mark Stenson on

Corner guards can be purchased through a wide variety of vendors and manufacturers. Depending on the product, some sellers offer corner guards online while others have products in stock in physical stores. Keep in mind that there are only a handful of sellers that also manufacture their own products. Many stores and websites are simply distributors, buying and reselling the products.


There are many online retailers of wall protection products, including corner guards, that offer user friendly websites and efficient shipping options. While the below list is by no means exhaustive, these are a few of the top manufacturers of corner guard products. There are also many resellers who offer their own websites as well.


There are a few physical stores that offer a limited selection of corner guard products for sale. Physical stores usually stock a small range of corner guard options that are readily available for purchase in store. Listed below are the top brick and mortar resellers:

Differences between online vs. offline vendors

There are a few important distinctions to be made between corner guard products available for sale online versus in a store. Below are the main types of differences and examples of each.

In general, online stores tend to offer a much larger variety of options for materials, sizes, thicknesses and colors for corner guard products. Products sold in physical stores like Home Depot or Lowes are usually only made from one material and in a limited range of sizes and options. The corner guards that are offered in brick and mortar stores, while typically available immediately on the shelf, are usually made out of a much thinner and less durable material. While online vendors may have a longer lead time, many offer free samples of their different color and material options.

Pricing Comparison



The Corner Guards Store

4’ X 1 ½”
Clear Polycarbonate






8’ X 1 ½” Vinyl






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