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What Do I Use Corner Guards For?

Posted by Mark Stenson on

Corner guards are used to protect interior walls from impact and to cover up existing damage. They can be applied to the corner of walls, typically on top of the painted wall surface, as a protective layer. Installing corner guards in both commercial and residential buildings can help provide damage-free passage and can cut down on repair and maintenance costs in your buildings.


Types of Buildings Where Corner Guards are Used


Commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, retail spaces, and senior living facilities are prone to constant damage due to the high level of foot traffic and frequent impact of equipment and personal items. Corner guards can be installed in the most frequently damaged areas to protect the walls from impact, cut down on maintenance and repair costs, and provide an aesthetically pleasing corner trim. Most corner guards are intended only for interior use; exterior applications require a different product.

Causes of damage in commercial buildings

  • Maid and Janitorial carts
    • Necessary for the upkeep of all commercial buildings, these carts can easily bump up against and damage corners as they are moved throughout the corridors and hallways.
  • Hospital Beds & Wheelchairs
    • As patients are transported, beds and wheelchairs can be difficult to maneuver and cause frequent damage to corners.  
  • Luggage and Luggage Carts
    • Hotels are constantly subjected to high levels of foot traffic that is often coupled with objects such as luggage, suitcases and luggage carts. As luggage is moved in and out of common areas and rooms, it can easily be dragged or bumped against the bottoms of wall corners.


Residential buildings such as apartments, multi-family housing, and personal homes can also be subject to repeated corner damage. While they may not see the same level of damage as commercial buildings, the corners and walls can experience abuse from tenants, maintenance personnel, and other foot traffic.

Causes of damage in residential buildings

  • Pets
    • House pets such as cats and dogs can scratch and scuff wall corners. Applying a corner protector can provide a scratch-resistant surface to keep your living space looking nice.
  • Furniture
    • Especially in apartment buildings, tenants moving furniture in and out of living spaces can cause serious damage to walls and corners. This can incur high repair costs, which can be avoided with the use of corner and wall guards. Corner guards are designed to protect wall corners, not to provide a safety guard for children or a protective guard for furniture.


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