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What are the Different Kinds of Corner Guards?

Posted by Mark Stenson on

There are many different kinds of corner guards available for your building's wall protection. Whether your main focus is a seamless design or you are simply looking for impact protection, there are many materials, finishes, and types of corner guards available today.  In this article we will review the main types of corner guards and their common uses.

Clear Corner Guards

Clear corner guards are made from transparent plastic and offer an economical option for corner protection. They allow the wallpaper or wall surface to show through and can blend in easily to any wall design, but are unable to cover up any existing damage to walls. These types of corner guards are typically made from thinner plastic and while they have a high impact resistance, there are more durable options available in other materials. As an economical alternative, these corner guards are common in residential, retail, and other building spaces.

Colored Corner Guards

Colored corner guards are made from a variety of different kinds of plastics.  Using colored corner guards offers three advantages when compared to clear corner guards: 

  1. Because they are not clear they can be used to cover up existing damage on wall corners.
  2. Colored corner guards can be manufactured to coordinate with any wall design, whether they match the existing color or function as an accent color. In addition, manufacturers can add different textures to the outside of the surface, improving the look as well as providing protection against abrasion.
  3. Lastly, due to their opaque nature more fastening options become available. Construction adhesive and double-sided tape can used since it will not show through the material.

Colored corner guards are in all building types in many forms because of their ease of installation and many aesthetic options.

Two-Piece Corner Guards

Two-piece corner guards, commonly referred to as retainer corner guards, are typically comprised of a retainer that fastens to the wall and a plastic cover that snaps on to the retainer. This design provides extremely high impact resistance since the bulk of the impact is absorbed by the outside cover. There is also the added advantage of being able to remove or replace covers in the event of damage or re-design. These removable covers are similar to many colored corner guards in their texture and color options. Common versions of these products include an aluminum retainer, plastic cover, and matching end caps for the top and bottom. Due to the multiple piece design, these products are usually more expensive than clear or standard colored corner guards. The two-piece corner guard units provide an excellent option for commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

Metal Corner Guards

For building areas with high impact risks, steel or aluminum corner guards can help protect the corners while still keeping your building looking professional. Metal like aluminum or stainless steel will protect wall corners from carts and beds that are constantly being pushed or bumped into the corners. Steel corner guards will also help many buildings comply with building regulations that require metal corner guards in kitchens or food prep areas. Stainless steel corner guards help provide maximum protection while allowing your building to keep its design standards. Both aluminum and stainless steel corner guards are typically available in a variety of finishes that work well with an industrial design theme.

Rubber Corner Guards

Rubber corner guards are commonly found in the back of house and warehouse areas like loading docks or storage areas where constant impact from boxes, skids, and forklifts occur. The thickness and flexibility of rubber provides excellent protection. While these corner guards don’t provide much design benefit, they do help you save time and money in maintenance costs.  

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