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Do I need Stainless Steel Corner Guards?

Posted by Tony West on

There are a few cases where design and maintenance requirements necessitate the use of products other than plastic corner guards. A common option that meets these needs is to utilize stainless steel corner guards. These corner guards have a sleek metallic finish, are easy to clean and provide heavy-duty protection against continuous damage.


While there are a variety of use cases where stainless steel corner guards are an acceptable substitute for plastic corner guards, they are most commonly found in food service areas and healthcare facilities. These types of facilities have very specific sanitary requirements and stainless steel is a perfect material to meet those needs. The FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services both regulate requirements for sanitation and cleanliness for the foodservice industry and the healthcare industry. These requirements specify that non-porous and rust resistant surfaces must be used in certain areas in order to mitigate the spread of bacteria, viruses, and food-borne illnesses. For example, the chart below, from the FDA, lists acceptable surface material options within food prep areas.

FDA Food Service Area Material Guidelines



While stainless steel corner guards may be used to meet sanitary requirements, they are often chosen for their unique design as well. Depending on the building, the designer may choose to purchase corner guards to blend into the wall or they may select a corner guard with a finish that stands out. The metallic finish of a stainless steel corner guard is a popular choice because of its sleek and simple look. Choosing a stainless steel corner guard instead of plastic corner guards allows for more design options in your building.

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