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Commercial vs Residential Corner Guards: What Type of Corner Guards Best Fit the Needs of your Building?

Posted by Mark Stenson on

When searching for corner guards for your building, it is important to determine the correct product for your application and budget. In (“what are the different types of corner guards”), we discussed the many sizes, materials, and installation methods available today. An important distinction to make is to evaluate whether your building will require commercial grade corner guards or residential grade. In this article, we will look at the differences and help you determine which product is right for you.

Commercial Grade Corner Guards

Commercial grade corner guards are often found in healthcare facilities, schools, office buildings, and other public buildings. Due to their high-traffic and frequent cleaning and maintenance, these type of buildings benefits from corner guards that are manufactured to provide maximum protection over the longest period of time. High-impact commercial grade corner guards consist of a heavy-duty aluminum retainer that is mounted directly to the drywall corner with a plastic cover that snaps over the aluminum retainer. This assembly is trimmed out with matching end caps to provide a finished look. Commercial corner guards are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes that allow integration into the buildings interior design. If your building experiences high amounts of corner damage, frequent maintenance, and requires specific design integration, commercial grade corner guards might be right for you.

Residential Grade Corner Guards

Residential grade corner guards are generally placed in houses, hotels, and apartment buildings. These buildings typically see less traffic than commercial buildings but still require some protection that can be provided in a cost-effective manner. There are more size options available for residential buildings that provide the owner or maintenance staff greater flexibility in determining the most cost-effective option. Residential grade corner guards consist of a 1-piece assembly that is mounted directly to the surface of the wall. These corner guards also provide the buyer with a variety of installation methods to choose from such as double-sided tape, pre-drilled holes and screws, and construction adhesive. These products give you a wide variety of color choices while providing a lower cost option to commercial grade corner guards. If your building contains a high volume of corner that experience infrequent or light damage, the residential grade corner guard option might be right for you.

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