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The 3 Most Important Considerations When Selecting Corner Guards for a Healthcare Facility

Posted by Tony West on

Durability of Corner Guards

Buildings, like hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, and other medical facilities, experience a high rate of traffic. Therefore, the walls and corners are subject to frequent damage. It's important to select corner guards that will stand up to this kind of repeated abuse. The best products to protect against damage from beds, wheelchairs, and carts are aluminum retainer corner guards with a plastic snap-on cover. The two-piece design offers two main benefits. First, the snap on cover absorbs repeated damage without hurting the wall surface. Second, in the event that the cover is damaged, it can be removed and replaced with a new cover.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Corner Guards

When selecting corner protection for healthcare facilities it’s important to keep in mind that there are specific requirements regarding the cleaning and sanitation of all materials in medical buildings. When cleaning corner guards the material choice plays a large role in the longevity of the product. For example, polycarbonate, a durable plastic polymer, is very quickly broken down by certain types of medical grade cleaning products. Vinyl and PETG, however, are excellent materials for this type of environment due to their natural chemical makeup. They will not break down with repeated cleaning and resist the discoloration that can happen over time with other types of plastics.

An important maintenance cost consideration is the ability to repair or replace corner guards without damaging the original wall surface. Aluminum retainer corner guards allow maintenance personnel to replace damaged covers or end caps without removing the aluminum retainer that is attached to the wall surface. See our other article, Commercial and Residential Grade Corner Guards for more considerations regarding maintenance.

Design of Corner Guards

While durability and cleaning are important cost-saving considerations, neither affect the consumers within a healthcare facility. Selecting corner guards that integrate with or add to your design is a crucial component of providing wall protection that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. All major wall protection manufacturers offer a wide selection of color and finish options for corner guards. Check with your manufacturer to see what design samples and options they offer before making a selection; the best ones may even process custom color matches free of charge.

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