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Corner Guards vs. Corner Protectors

Posted by Tony West on

In this article, we will look at two different types of products that have similar names and descriptions but are meant to serve very different purposes. Depending on who you are working with and where you are located, the terms "corner guards" and "corner protectors" might be used interchangeably. We will look at the most common use for each term and briefly describe the differences between the two products.

Corner Guards

Most of the time when you hear the term "corner guard", it refers to a product designed by manufacturers of wall protection. These are typically plastic objects attached vertically to a wall corner to keep the drywall or other wall surfaces from being damaged. Unlike corner protectors, corner guards are designed to be rigid and durable in order to withstand repeated impact. See these corner guards.

Corner Protectors

The name "corner protector" can be misleading as to what the purpose of the product actually is. The typical intention is to protect a child from a sharp corner, not to protect the corner from damage. You may see this product also described as a "foam edge cushion" or "baby proofing edge protector", which are more accurate descriptions. Available in a variety of forms to suit different applications, corner protectors are usually made from foam or a soft rubbery plastic material. See corner protectors from Toys "R" Us.

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