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What are Wall Guards?

Posted by Mark Stenson on

A wall guard is a wall protection product designed to protect the length of a wall, such as a hallway or corridor, from damage. Common in hospitals and other healthcare facilities these products are installed at a specific height along the wall to act as a bumper for beds, carts, and other movable objects that can cause costly damage to walls. Wall guards are often complementary to corner guards and handrails in order to protect the entire building. These items are commonly referred to as bumper guards, wall guards, crash rails, or chair rails depending on the manufacturer.

Types and Materials of Wall Guards

While there are numerous types of wall guards available, below are a few common styles typically found in commercial buildings of all kinds.

#1 - Aluminum Retainer Wall Guards

For commercial applications, the most common product is an aluminum retainer wall guard kit. Similar to an aluminum retainer corner guard kit, this product is comprised of an aluminum backer, an internal impact absorber, an anti-microbial plastic cover, and trimmed out with matching end caps. Available in a variety of sizes depending on the level of coverage you need, the most common sizes are 4”, 6”, and 8”. There are also many different shapes and styles to match any existing design.

    #2 - Polycarbonate Wall Guards

    A more economical option for low-impact areas, these wall guards are made from a single extruded strip of high strength polycarbonate. Fastened directly to the wall these are usually thinner and made of a clear plastic.

      #3 - Other

      For non-standard designs or uses there are a variety of custom wall guard options available. These can include wood, stainless steel, aluminum or rubber. The use of these specialty materials is often dictated by specific design constraints or building regulations.

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