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White Corner Guards

Posted by Mark Stenson on

If you are looking for a corner guard to fit with a lighter color scheme, choosing a white corner guard can be a simple and universal choice. There are a few considerations to make when deciding to use a white corner guard.

Will You be Painting Over your Corner Guard?

If so, many manufacturers offer a corner guard specifically designed to be painted. These corner guards are often white to allow them to easily be covered with any color of paint. They can also have a special texture added to the surface to help promote paint adhesion. These products are easily touched-up with your paint if they are scratched or scuffed.

Are you Trying to Match a Specific White Color?

If you want to match a certain color, most manufacturers offer a myriad of white colors to choose from. This process can be as simple as selecting a paint color from a color swatch. While they are not usually painted, these solid-color corner guards are far more durable and need less maintenance once installed.

White Gets Dirty…

Although white corner guards can integrate easily into many designs, they tend to show dirt and damage more than darker colored corner guards. Most common corner guards can be quickly and easily cleaned, but white corner guards may require more frequent cleaning.

White Corner Guards

We have white corner guards in polycarbonate and plastic/vinyl:

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