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Where to Buy Corner Guards?

Posted by Walter Tod on

There are three main options for buying corner guards:

  1. Big Box Store (e.g. Home Depot or Lowes)
  2. Distributor
  3. Manufacturer

Pros/Cons of Corner Guards from Big Box/Home Center

Home Depot and Lowes carry corner guards and if you are looking for minimal protection (e.g. protecting some corners in your home against cats) and minimum quantity they will be fine. But if you need higher protection and you're in a commercial facility (e.g. healthcare or hotel) you should look to the other two options. 

Home Centers will also stock only 1 or 2 kinds of corner guards. Their color, material, height, and width options will be extremely minimal.

The corner guards sold at large home centers are made from a different kind of material and are made thinner and are therefore weaker. We studied and outlined the differences between Home Depot, Lowe's, and our corner guards here: Home Depot vs Lowes vs Commercial Corner Guards.

Pros and Cons of Corner Guards from Distributors

Purchasing corner guards from distributors improves both the quality and the available options. They will source their products from higher quality manufacturers and typically stock more colors, widths, heights, and types.

The main drawback of purchasing from a distributor is price. As the middleman, the distributor purchases the corner guards from the manufacturer and then marks up the price in order to cover their costs. This is direct-to-consumer (DTC) has become so popular in the last 10 years. It is better for both the manufacturer and consumer to purchase directly from the manufacturer. 

How to Know if They're a Distributor or Manufacturer

Often distributors will try to hide or at least not explicitly say whether they are the manufacturer or not because then the consumer could find the manufacturer and buy directly from them. You can find out whether they themself manufacture the product by asking them:

  • Are you the manufacturer? or
  • Do you manufacture in-house?

Pros and Cons of Corner Guards from Manufacturers

The best option is to purchase corner guards directly from the manufacturer. This is because you get the highest quality, the most options, and the lowest price. Manufacturers don't have the additional markup that distributors do. 

The only negative of purchasing from the manufacturer is some manufacturers don't sell directly to consumer.

Commercial Corner Guards manufacturers corner guards in-house, in Illinois.

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