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Corner Guards Dimensions

Posted by Walter Tod on

There are three corner guard dimensions that are important: height, wing width, and angle.

How to Choose The Height of a Corner Guard

What height your corner guard should be depends on two questions:

  1. What are the types of damage you need to protect against?
  2. What is your interior aesthetic?

Regarding the first question, how high your corner guard needs to be depends on how high things like baggage or carts are. That is, how high are the objects that will damage the wall.

Regarding the second question, if the only things that will damage the corner are less than 4 ft then you have the option to use a 4ft or 8ft corner guard. And you can make that decision based on what you think looks best in your space. Also, if you already have corner guards installed, you might want to match the height of those ones.

Quick note, standard heights of corner guards are 4' and 8'. You may cut vinyl (PVC) corner guards to custom heights but it is not recommended to cut polycarbonate. 

How to Choose a Wing Width of a Corner Guard

The wing width of a corner guard is the distance between the corner and one of the wings.

Wing Width of Corner Guard

What the right wing width is determined by what you want the corner guard to look like and how much protection you want. You will get most of the protect by simply having a corner guard. That is, the protection you gain from purchasing a larger wing width is minimal. It is largely an aesthetic decision. 

How to Choose the Angle of a Corner Guard

Most corners are 90 degrees and thus most people should be purchasing standard or 90 degree corner guards. Another but less common standard is 135 degrees and we offer 135 degree corner guards.

For all other odd angles we offer Adjustable Angle Corner Guards.

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