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corner guards

Corner Guards Dimensions

Posted by Walter Tod on

There are three corner guard dimensions that are important: height, wing width, and angle. How to Choose The Height of a Corner Guard What height your corner guard should be depends on two questions: What are the types of damage you need to protect against? What is your interior aesthetic? Regarding the first question, how high your corner guard needs to be depends on how high things like baggage or carts are. That is, how high are the objects that will damage the wall. Regarding the second question, if the only things that will damage the corner are less than 4 ft then you have the option to use a 4ft or 8ft corner guard. And you can make that decision...

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Home Depot Corner Guards

Posted by Walter Connelly on

Home Depot is one of the most common suppliers of corner guards. We’ve already done a video comparing Lowes, Home Depot, and Commercial Corner Guards products, but we wanted to take a closer look at Home Depot’s specific offering. There are a lot of questions online about the details of this product, and we wanted to help provide all of the information so you are able to select the product that works best for you.

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Should You Use Paintable Corner Guards?

Posted by Walter Connelly on

If you are in need of a quick and easy corner guard option that will blend into your wall, you may want to consider paintable corner guards.

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Standard Corner Guard Sizes

Posted by Mark Stenson on

In the wall protection industry, corner guards or corner protectors are manufactured with different widths and lengths to offer various levels and types of protection against damage. It is sometimes confusing to determine which size you may need and what the measurements refer to. This quick guide will help you understand the basic corner guard sizes available, and provide some examples of the most commonly used sizes.

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