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Home Depot Corner Guards

Posted by Walter Connelly on

Home Depot is one of the most common suppliers of corner guards. We’ve already done a video comparing Lowes, Home Depot, and Commercial Corner Guards products, but we wanted to take a closer look at Home Depot’s specific offering. There are a lot of questions online about the details of this product, and we wanted to help provide all of the information so you are able to select the product that works best for you.

Thickness of Home Depot Corner Guards

Thickness listed on Home Depot’s website can be confusing, as there are multiple numbers provided. The thickness give in the description, and the thickness as tested is around  0.047”. By comparison, clear corner guards from Commercial Corner Guards are 0.075” thick.

Residential vs. Commercial

Home Depot advertises two styles of corner guards, Commercial and Residential. The corner guards marketed as “commercial” options are slightly wider than the small “residential” options. The residential corner guards are also extremely thin, at 0.038”.

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