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Introducing Our Clear Chair Rail

Posted by Walter Tod on

Our Clear Chair Rail, also known as a wall guard, protects your walls from damage while supporting the surrounding interior design. Typically used in hospitals, offices, and conference rooms, chair rail provides coverage for areas that receive low to medium impact. Clear Chair Rail offers several advantages over other types of wall protection, including design compatibility, durability, ease of installation, and affordability.

Because of its transparent appearance, Clear Chair Rail allows for the color and the design of the wall to show through the material, making it compatible with your interior design plans. The slim profile of the chair rail adds to its ability to blend in with the surrounding decoration. Clear Chair Rail comes in widths of 3” and 4” to fit the design specifications of your building.

Clear Chair Rail guards against damage from furniture, carts, equipment, and other objects coming into contact with your walls. They are manufactured from polycarbonate, an incredibly impact-resistant plastic. Also known as Lexan, polycarbonate is essentially shatter-proof, making it one of the toughest materials for wall protection on the market.

Another advantage of Clear Chair Rail over other types of wall protection is its ease of installation. Although it cannot be installed with tape, Clear Chair Rail does come with pre-drilled holes and fasteners for effortless attachment to the wall. After correctly positioning the chair rail to the wall and marking the holes, you simply drill into the wall with a 3/16” drill bit and push the plastic anchors into the holes. Place the chair rail into position and attach it to the wall using the screws.

Lastly, our Clear Chair Rail presents an affordable solution to the wear and tear of commercial buildings without sacrificing quality. Here at Commercial Corner Guards, we manufacture our own products, which means we can sell them at a significantly lower price compared to other companies that purchase their products from manufacturers.

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