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Paintable Corner Guards

Paintable Corner Guards

Paintable Corner Guards



Paintable Corner Guards

Paintable corner guards offer the ability to choose a color that will blend or match with your wall color.  They offer the same high quality corner protection of our other corner guards.  The design possibilities are endless to suit your project needs.


  • Made from tough vinyl.
  • Exceptional durability and corner protection.
  • Endless possibilities of color as you paint them yourself.
  • Suitable for residential or commercial use.


  • 0.75”
  • 1.125”


  • 4’ (actual 44”)
  • True 4’ (actual 48”)
  • 8’ (actual 92”) N/A in bullnose

Shortened lengths are offered to accommodate common actual installed lengths.  In addition, it prevents the customer from having to pay the $100+ surcharge that all carriers charge for anything over 94” long.  For more information, please see How We're Avoiding UPS & Fedex Large Package Surcharge.


Mimics texture of drywall for enhanced paint adhesion.

Fastening/Installation Options

Double sided tape is included.